dehu and air scrubber

Water Damage

When a water damage occurs it is critical to respond as soon as possible. The longer water sits it building materials the harder it is to get out and the bacteria can begin to multiply and possibly turned into a mold problem. By utilizing commercial dehumidifiers we can lower the humidity and our air movers lift moisture out of wet materials fast. We can rapidly restore your property to pre-loss condition.

house fire

Fire Damage

Just a small amount of smoke inside a home or business can cause huge effects! Smoke and soot contains carcinogens which are known to be cancer causing. Soot is easily spread through an HVAC system causing damage and odor to other areas of the property. By utilizing the latest in cleaning techniques, negative air, air scrubbing, ozone, hydroxyl and odor encapsulation we can tackle any problem.

closet mold

Mold Remediation

Mold problems come from a water damage problem that was not dried properly. To correct a mold problem we need to figure out the source of the water and make sure it its not leaking. We need to setup containment and negative air. We will then utilize dehumidification to lower humidity and moisture content of affected materials. Hepa Vacuum all surfaces and disinfect all materials and hepa vac again. As long as this area stays clean and dry a mold problem will not happen again.

moisture meter

Detailed inspections save time and money!

Whether you have a fire,water or mold problem insure that a complete inspection of your property will take place.

Hidden moisture causes big problems!

It is always the water leak or hidden moisture that causes the most problems. Undetected leaks damage more materials and often lead to mold issues. Just because you can’t see something does not mean it is not their. The faster we fix a water problem the cheaper and faster the process will be.


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